Monday, 12 September 2011

Message to the reader: Top-Concert / Assembly point / Top seat!

Not sure why I chose this name for my blog except that it seems strangely appropriate and has personal family significance.

Back in 1870 something, my great gandmother, Susannah Lloyd lived on a small farm called Peneisteddfod situated right at the top of a mountain overlooking the village of Foel in Montgomeryshire.  She married a local stonemason, Ezekiel Francis from nearby Llangadfan and went on to raise six sons at Peneisteddfod and for several more generations afterwards, scattered Francis family members would always find their way back there.

The local boys from Foel used to jokingly refer to Peneisteddfod as 'Top-Concert'  -  a comic play on the translation of the name from Welsh to English  -  'Eisteddfod' being more often used to describe a cultural festival or occasion of sorts and 'Pen' meaning 'top of..' or referring to something high up on a hill.  Another meaning of the word is also that of a place where people would assemble and sit down together.  I like this idea of communion and that this blog should be an 'assembly point of thoughts and debate'   -  (not just my own you understand!) And so in some self-indulgent way, the name fits.  I look forward to posting regularly and to hearing from others.  In many ways, I feel that perhaps I've been silent for too long!

Hwyl am y tro,

Lisa Francis 

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